Video: Zae France featuring Capella Grey – WHATEVER ON WHATEVER

R & B Singers  Zae France and Capella Grey linked up and released the new visual, “Whatever on Whatever” produced by Dizzy Banko and B Bearded and directed by Vina Love. These two multi talented artists created a timeless record that makes you want to vibe responsibly. Capella is known to bring the elite vibes to every track he blesses and that is exactly what he did here. In the beginning of 2021, France and Grey were in Los Angeles brainstorming about what should be their next move. Fast forward to now, “Whatever on Whatever” is an instant hit.  

Capella bought the Jamaican New York flavor and blended it with Zae’s North Carolina soulful vibe and together they made history. After reuniting in Atlanta they recorded the track and shot the video the next day. In the opening clip, they turn up at the studio where you can see how everyone vibes responsibly. 

Throughout the record, they made it clear that once you’re around them you want to worry about anything, just to simply enjoy the vibes. 

“For you it’s whatever on whatever on/ you gotta worry bout a thing when you with me, its whatever on whatever/ get whatever for you/ it’s whatever on whatever/ get whatever for you”

Capella is bringing back that old school R & B vibe that not only sounds but feels good. His music gives the ladies confidence while schooling the fellas at the same time. Zae effortlessly follows up on the track with his soothing delivery, reminding the ladies that whatever they want is not a problem.


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