Interview: Blue Baby 20 Minute Interview + Single – My Thoughts

Alabama-bred artist, songwriter, and producer Blue Baby is leaving his distinct mark. The fresh new trailblazing talent is putting on for his hometown of Mobile as he continues to reach the ears and hearts of fans worldwide. 

At a young age Blue has been drawn to music and has expressed his passion for the art since. Honing his craft early enabled him more time and experience in perfecting his talents within the art. In fact, throughout his childhood, he played the piano for his church and really enjoyed it. 

Following the passing of his close aunt in 2019, Blue was fueled by the loss and delved deeper into his music. He used it as an outlet and a way to express himself. As a result, he dropped off his debut single “Run ‘Em Down” in response to any and all false allegations made in regards to the situation. 

Shortly after he was granted the opportunity to be a part of the Boosie BadAzz Syndicate Tour, his career didn’t take off as he’d have liked. After, he took a short hiatus from music to focus on himself. Unfortunately during his time away he suffered another loss, this time his cousin. This second loss inspired Blue Baby to get back to the music. Later resulting in the honorary record, “RIP Calvin” dedicated to his late cousin. 

As a multifaceted musician who pens and produces his own music, his raw emotions poured into his lyrics allow him to resonate with fans on a larger scale. Some of his hottest hits are served up as “C-Side”, “Head On”, and “RIP Calvin”. Now, Blue collaborated with MGM Lett on his most recent release “My Thoughts”. Both artists bring their distinct sounds but come together to ride the hypnotizing production with ease. 

His latest offering is making  waves and garnering great feedback. Possibly resulting in this record being a new addition to his top trending tracks. In addition to his most recent release, Blue Baby stopped by “Off The Porch” to chop it up with Dirty Glove Bastards. Throughout the almost 20-minute interview, they touch on everything from his start in music, his musical inspirations like Master P and 2Pac, to the birth of his stage name and his opinion on Mobile’s music scene and more. Take a look below.

Before it’s too late, tap into Blue Baby and his entire discography to date. His career is reaching new heights and you won’t want to miss it. Also be sure to press play on his single “My Thoughts” feat MGM Lett here. Lastly, let us know what you think. 

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