Audio: Aari – “Been A Mess”

New York is known for birthing talent! As the birthplace of hip-hop, the passion for music is inevitable. Recently, buzzing out of Upstate New York is 13 year-old, Aari Ketchmore. In fact, the rising rhymer is better known by his stage name, Aari. 

Growing up, Aari was always rapping around family and friends. What began as a hobby, quickly became a passion turned purpose. Whether he’s enjoying his childhood of playing sports, riding bikes, playing PS4, and more — Aari is always focused on the music. 

As a result, the NY-bred artist is tapped into his craft. He’s determined to incorporate different sounds and styles into his music as he evolves. As he grows as an artist, he looks to use his knowledge, talents and efforts to reach his goal. His goal of being the CEO of his own record label. With hard work, dedication, and his unmatched talent — CEO is closer than it seems!

At the tender age of five, Aari knew he had dreams of being a recording artist. Fast forward to today, and Aari is here to unleash his new trendy track titled, “Been A Mess”. For now, press play on the lyric video below. Stay tuned here for more news and music on Aari Ketchmore! 


Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | YouTube 

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