Video: K Shakes MrALLin – “Get it Shaken”

NYC’s very own K Shakes MrAllin is continuing to do it for the culture with his new single and video “Get It Shaken”! The Brooklyn native shows us his impressive dance and rap skills along with bringing the entire community with him. As an advocate for the dance community, K Shakes created this song as a way for artists to be able to hash all of their differences on the dance floor. The rapper hopes to inspire the dance community with his smooth lyrics and even smoother visuals.

K Shakes MrALLin, was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, he is a dancer, influencer, and up-and-coming Rap/Entertainment artist in the United States.
He uses music and dancing as an outlet to express himself and encourage the youth to do positive and productive things. Dancing has got him recognized by many celebrities. He has made dance appearance videos for many artists such as Busta Rhymes, Poppa Da Don, Rich the Kid, Prayah, and Ron Browz. He discusses’ with us the creative process and inspiration behind it all:

“I was inspired to do something different for this video. I wanted able to bring a Wrestling ring to my Hood. It’s so dope to have my community come together for this and just display fun and stableness. This song was made for basically anybody that wants to battle in dancing, right now. I’m in a world full of dancers especially growing up in NYC, this was basically a message for all the dancers that swear they nice just come see me we can hash it out on the dance floor. I want my fans to genuinely feel where I’m coming from see from the video and listen to the lyrics, you don’t have to back down to circumstances, especially to circumstances you don’t want. “

Watch the video below!

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