Video: Q-Ri¢h – “Lemon Pepper/Flamers Flow” (Freestyle)

 Bronx Native rapper Q Rich took the time out to introduce himself in his new duo freestyle video to the infamous beats, Lemon Pepper and Flamers Flow. He has set the tone with this duo freestyle by providing different sounds on both freestyles. 

In his Lemon Pepper freestyle, he came in with a calm melodic flow but got his point across to introduce the style of rapping he’s bringing to the industry. He also paid homage to Rick Ross’s Lemon Pepper Wings within his video. 

And with Famous Flow, he came with a  new classic Harlem approach. He brought his crew to show that he is nothing to play within the industry.

Within the bars, Q Rich is expressing that he is destined for greatness and is made for the rap game. Listen to Q Rich’s freestyle Lemon Pepper/ Flamers Flow here! 

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