Nigeria’s Laycon shares teaser clip from upcoming interview with’s new series: Herbal Tea & White Sofas

Today, Nigerian superstar Laycon posted a teaser clip to his social media pages to announce his upcoming interview with the Recording Academy’s new video series: Herbal Tea & White Sofas. Laycon talks about preparation ahead of his performances, what he likes to eat, and where he’s traveled in the short clip. The full interview is set to go live on Wednesday, August 11, on the Recording Academy’s YouTube page, followed by a post on the website——along with social media support from the Recording Academy pages towards the end of the day—all times PST.
Previously (July 1), Laycon performed ‘All Over Me’ for the Recording Academy’s ‘Press Play at Home’ concert series. It has over 133,000 views and counting. It is the third-most viewed Press Play performance video in the history of the series, standing next to South Korea’s larger-than-life band SEVENTEEN (‘VERY NICE’) and BTS (‘Dynamite’), which all have more than one million views.

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