Filipino Actress and singer Lovi Poe has released a new single, “Candy,” just in time for the hottest days of summer. The sensual new song arrives ahead of its video that releases in a week, on August 13. Poe, who recently released songs like “Lost and “Under” is gearing up to take over the year’s warmest months, and it all starts here. 

“Candy” is a song about beauty and confidence. To the backdrop of a soft, shiny, and sensual beat that affords her the ability to have fun, Poe’s soft vocals shine through as she dominates through delicacy. It’s “Song of the Summer” potential that listeners will undoubtedly return to when they’re looking for music to make themselves feel good to — especially in the wake of the pandemic and the stress it has wrought on everyone. 

About the song — Poe explains how the song came together in this exclusive quote. “We were looking for a song that will complete my EP,” Poe says. “One day, ØMEN, the producer, sent three demo songs to Mariti of Vim Entertainment. All three were written by Alus. First listen to Candy, it didn’t leave my mind. It kept playing in my head. I knew then that my next single was Candy!”

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