Audio: TeeJay Foy – It’s You Not Me (ALBUM) / “Wanted Love” (VIDEO)

It’s You Not Me is the brand new album from Marrero, Louisiana creative TeeJayFoy. Crafted from experience and true ups and downs, Teejay says this album’s title resonates with any relationship big or small. This album dives into the mind of a person who goes through dilemmas while having a high demand in the world and love life (“99 Problems'”). Teejay got a chance to write about the male wanting love, giving the love out and being emotionally drained (Wanted Love) while also showing the wild mind of the friend zone (Edward Scissorhands)

Teejay says that love transformed him, he felt pain from heartache, but came out victorious (I Can’t Even Lie). The album is mostly self reflection on old habits gained through life of love (Real Cry). After gaining independence from a dependent situation Teejay wanted to be free, live and be honest with himself after a break up that it is pivotal in knowing who you are (Familiar). Diving deeper into the album, the music paints the story of the lonely artist breaking up and going to find refuge in his favorite stripper (Nobody). Feeling like he wanted to go deeper emotionally with this and show vulnerability as well as talent, the hardened aspect to a scorned man was formed with the next record (Stone Cold). Many toxic relationships around the world we tend to self sabotage instead of self help. All in all you get the feeling of coming back to life and taking a second (Breathe). Teejay was always asking himself during the process about what happens in music and in relationships, people burn out, get all antsy, more controversy, and you fight, so you gotta stay calm and cool (Grounded).

Dive into the new album from Teejay on all the streaming platforms possible – Audiomack, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and more. As well as the album is the new video from Teejay titled “Wanted Love” brought to life by Smoove Films

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