Video: Doley Bernays – “Act One: Feels Like Killa Season”

Bronx emcee, Doley Bernays releases the new visual for “Act One: Feels Like Killa Season.” Bernays is known to create all his video treatments based on the message he wants his audience to grasp. His enticing visuals often tell a unique story and this one is no different. Inspired by the American film director, Wesley Craven, Bernays appreciates old school horror cinematography. He mixed horror cliches with humor and satire that is openly displayed throughout this video. He constantly sets the bar higher with each record and visual to match. The record itself, is a soulful track that speaks about his efforts to be one the greatest while still dealing with some of life’s adversities.

Born and raised in Bronx – New York, Doley Bernays continues to set the bar higher for independent hip hop artists on the come up. He uses symbolic metaphors to tell his story and share his dreams creating time stamped works of art — which pays homage to the core of what hip hop was in the very beginning. In junior high, he would turn his classwork into lyrics making it easier for himself and other students to remember what they learned. At such a young age he became passionate about the art of music.

Bernay’s music is often compared to the notion of time — evaluating events that take place in the past, present and future. With such meaningful and stimulating lyrics that echo real life events, each record tells an enticing story about his journey. He consistently reveals more about his character in tactful ways shedding layers to reveal his personality with each bar. His lyrics expose his deep thoughts that cause your mind to open up intuitively as he skates across the musical backdrop.

His music collectively shows how diverse Doley Bernays can be. Using his unique voice that pierces through confidently, he meshes the traumatic narratives of heavy losses, and the important message of enduring it all, with soulful hard hitting beats. His timeless and substantial bars serve as a healing tool to his supporters. Many depend on his records to comfort them through tough times. It’s simply the soul’s therapy. Receiving over 4 Million streams on Spotify for multiple records, Doley Bernays music speaks for itself.

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