Pritty – “Not Enough” (prod. AOBeats)

AObeats and Pritty connect on their new single, “Not Enough”. The feel good, dancy collaboration also comes with a slick animated visual done by PixelFace. Out now via Moving Castle. 

“I wrote not enough in a time when I was lost in my love life and was reflecting on my most serious relationship. I felt unheard, misunderstood, and just wanted to be happy. It sometimes felt like my partner was worried about everything but being happy. Leaving us little time in our 3 years to actually be in love.” – Pritty

“Been a fan of Pritty for a while and we’ve worked with a few of the same people before.  We did a few sessions and this song came out of the second one. He’s a super dope writer and has such a fire vocal tone.” – AObeats

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