Audio: Springfield MA’s Ronnie Artist Looks to School Other Rappers on “Lesson 1”

It was and always will be about earning respect. 

Springfield MA’s Ronnie Artis – also known as Ronnie Artist – knew that discovering his older brother’s book of raps would eventually open a new chapter in his life. At just thirteen years old, Ronnie, started writing and recording his own music – inspired by his brother’s rhymes. 

It wasn’t until when his gym teacher started playing his music during class that Ronnie realized this was a passion he wanted to pursue. By the time he was a senior in high school, everyone around him started to witness the growth of potential. “In 12th grade, my English teacher added the question, ‘What was the name of Ronnie’s first album?’ as one of the questions on a test we had to take. 

“We all just knew. This was it.”

Fast-forward nearly a decade later, and Ronnie Artist, is ready to unveil his latest work. Join Ronnie for “Lesson 1” as he teaches other rappers about real music actually sounds like. No capping. “I didn’t kill a bunch of n**gas or sell 100 lbs of coke. I told the truth about my life, and always will. Anyone who believes lyricism is dead should rejoice,” proclaims Ronnie.  

Stream “Lesson 1” below:

Twitter: @RonnieArtist1 Instagram: @ronartistisdope

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