Video: iNTeLL, Son of U-God, Releases “Legacy Drip” via Tommy Boy

Dontae “iNTeLL” Hawkins is dripping with legacy. There’s no doubt about that. The Staten Island-born & raised rapper is the eldest son of U-God – from the iconic, Wu-Tang Clan. As you can imagine, his upbringing was far from normal. And even more so when a young Dontae Hawkins lived through a near-death experience. On March 13, 1994, while being escorted to a birthday party, Hawkins was shot through the abdomen. Caught in the crossfire, a nearby shooting almost took his life. 

After several operations & years of physical therapy, Donate learned how to walk again. It was around this time he also decided to pick up a pen – which was right around his high school years. It was then that iNTeLL was born. Filled with determination and a passion for the arts, he went on to graduate from film school around the time he decided to also pursue music. 

It’s in his blood. 

Perfecting his craft, iNTeLL has established himself as an artist – rightfully so and earning respect based on talent, not because of who his father is. In the midst of a pandemic, heading into Summer 2020, the young god readies his new single, “Legacy Drip.” Set to release via Tommy Boy Records, iNTeLL delivers a solo record produced by KHRIMZ. 

Dubbing the sound “backpack trap,” iNTeLL delivers conscious bars over Trap-inspired production. 

The infectious melody is met with head-nodding kicks, snares, and bold lyrics: “So what you got clothes, everyone knows, but what have you done for the bros? So what you got hoes, I see that they’re clones. That pillow-talkin’ gets exposed.” 

Whether he’s “squadding” up with the 2nd Generation WU crew, or repping his own brand, GFTD, iNTeLL is undeniably cut from the same legendary cloth as his father. And there’s no stopping him as he forges his own path. 

On the inspiration for the video: “Guy HipsterBlak is my Hip Hop 2020 homage to Richard Simmons. My wife Prema777 started a juicing company so we’re becoming a family unit focused on better nutrition along with health & fitness. I’ll always find a way to tie it into my music because I’m a genius.” 

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