Audio: Jason Pyro – Fiji On Me ft. Bobbi$upreme & SimbaLinKa

Jason Pyro wastes no time in delivering an incredibly catchy hook with “Fiji On Me”. The Buckroll-produced track’s brass-backed trap sound is compelling on its own, but it’s Pyro, brother Bobbi$upreme, and collaborator SimbaLinKa’s different flows leading in and out of each other that give the song a push into unforgettable territory. 

Sometimes all it takes to get a good thing going is a few talented people casually freestyling to beats on YouTube, and that’s exactly what happened here. According to Pyro, the central lyric – “I got Fiji on me, and that pussy voodoo, it’s like a ouija on me,” – came to him while sipping Hennessy on ice from a red cup. 

The talent of the Brooklyn native and the catchiness of his off-the-cuff lyrics are both undeniable, but the greatest strength to be found here is hyped-up, excited energy. “Fiji On Me” is a song for anyone wanting to start a party, whether it’s at a club or even at home. Check out the song below and make sure to keep an eye out for future releases from Jason Pyro.

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