Albany Lou & Uncle Murda – Flatten Da Curve

Flatten Da Curve is a song that has been released during quarantine and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Albany Lou & Uncle Murda link up, masked up with their gloves on for this visual in Newark, New Jersey. Albany Lou has also worked with Fred Da Godson on a record being re-released titled 100 Gillian Dollars. In the intro of Flatten Da Curve Lou goes “2020 is it a conspiracy we’re going through I don’t know fuck covid R.I.P. Fred The God”. In Albany’s verse he says “coronavirus is man-made getting f$#ked over like a handmade mask on like a Band-Aid it’s the last days you better damn pray”. Lou’s a real rapper speaking his mind on every record, he wants to expose the world for what it is by bringing awareness to the mic. 

Social Media

Instagram: @albany_lou

Twitter: @albany_lou

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