Michigan’s Wuzee, of Samil & Wuzee, Addresses Mental Health; Wants You To “Let It Breathe”


WuZee, from the Michigan duo, Samil & Wuzee, utilizes music as a coping mechanism for his depression. In the current times, we live in, mental exhaustion can be, well, draining. With so much going on in the world, some of us also deal with things within ourselves. To help with his current state of mind, WuZee, penned a new song and laid it all out on this new track, “Let It Breathe.”

“DIEGO sent me the beat, and I just went in. I turned it into a way to deal with my mental state – being able to just put my emotions out there in a cathartic way,” shared WuZee. 

Social Media:

Instagram: @wuzee777 + samilx777

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