DMV’s, AUNZ, continues to live out his dreams in honor of his grandmother, whom he lost due to cancer. Remaining both consistent and persistent, AUNZ has been releasing music that has proven his creativity and versatility as an artist – both his musical & personal evolution is to be applauded. 

To kickstart Summer 2020, AUNZ unveils new visuals for his single, “Midnight Thoughts,” produced by Fortes. Like the rest of us who are embattled with endless thoughts late at night, AUNZ unloads his over the laid back production. The single is a cut off his latest album, “ANZO 2.” 

In addition to dealing with his own traumas in life, AUNZ would also like to send his prayers out to those affected by police brutality and/or racial profiling – especially in response to recent  tragedies: “I feel the demand for peace we’re in is needed to spark the conversation for change in how we treat each other.” 

Follow on social media for more:

Twitter: aunzmusic

Instagram: aunzmusic

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