Video: Kamiyada+ X TrippyThaKid “Giddy Up!”

The pair of east coast rappers gear up to release the bouncy, gripping track “Giddy Up” along with a captivating visual on May 7th. Kamiyada+ and TrippyThaKid’s gritty, driving verses over energetic, yet appropriately aggressive ZCR production will undoubtedly leave you moshing solo in your work-from-home environment. Through the Good Luck Have Fun Label, this is the first release of two singles with accompanying videos – the results of a long-awaited collaboration by the two most prominent “Midnight Socety” Members.

Kami, hailing from the DMV area, has been a rising underground star for quite some time now, credited with the creation of “The Midnight Society,” an eclectic group of rising talent spanning multiple artforms. Kamiyada’s influences are genre-fluid, shining through brilliantly on the track, resulting in unique verses somehow reminiscent of both Earl Sweatshirt and Slipknot.

 “Giddy up is an electric track carried by ZCR’s aggressive but club worthy production & complimented by catchy, bars.” – Kamiyada+

Trippy, similarly, derives his style from a smorgasbord of inspirations, most notably Blink-182 and Wu-Tang Clan. He has also seen massive growth from a 2019 tour with Yung Gravy peppered with releases of several hit singles, which has garnered him upwards of 80M DSP streams. Trippy has gained viral notoriety due to his outlandish antics, including (but not limited to) eating his joints, shotgunning beers, and vomiting in planters – all to the rambunctious soundtrack of his heavily-streamed, infectious catalogue.

“Personally when i think of the song “Giddy Up!” by Kamiyada and TrippyThaKid I think of utter chaos, I think of wow I just took a hit of the gas pack, I just took a hit of a dab, literally mumbo jumbo’d my brain cycle. Can’t even think about my own f**cking parents anymore, I think they died but guess what they’ve been alive for over 430 years. I’m actually a ghost, they call me freakin Jingo Jango, they got me written down in the books as Bobby Tsunami the Joany Joany brother from f*ckin heaven Jotti’s” – TrippyThaKid

The accompanying visual, shot by StevenJets and Braxton Knight, offers an engaging look into the larger-than-life personalities these two possess. From Trippy being held at gunpoint and squeezing lemons into his eyes at the 0:17 mark, the video progresses into an entertaining performance by the duo.

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