Ep: CareerTheBrain Pays Homage to Curren$y with New 6-Track EP, iVyBlueJets

With his latest 6-track EP, iVyBlueJets, CareerTheBrain is an artist taking a unique approach to paying homage to Curren$y. All of the music on this album has an incredible sense of personality and a JetLife Records feel. While the skits lead you into what each song has in store for the listener,  the electronic vibes and flows of iVyBlueJets puts you in the mind of a movie on a flight. 

Like Curren$y, Detroit’s, CareerTheBrain music is rooted in the substance of “Talking Fly”, and he is no stranger or rookie to it. Cars, women, marijuana, jewelry and smooth-talking women are in CTB’s arsenal, but he offers so much more on this EP.

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