Video: Natasha Elise – Good Riddance

Video: Natasha Elise – Good Riddance
Up and coming singer, Natasha Elise, releases her debut visual and song with “Good Riddance.” In her words, this song is about cutting off the relationships or “friends” who start to use you or get too comfortable and start acting like the opportunities that you provided for them were theirs all along.
Natasha Elise has an eclectic style that she anticipates will continue to morph. Her sound can best be described as otherworldly; a captivating mix of urban electro-pop with lyrics that are honest and relatable and she effortlessly creates music that is timeless.
Natasha Elise says “My mind never stops processing sounds and words and ideas. Music and lyrics both calm and invigorate me and I have just started to explore what I can do with my voice.” Her next upcoming single “Ride Wit Me” will be released soon, followed by her highly anticipated upcoming debut EP “If You Only Knew”.

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