Audio: Tush – “Don’t Be Afraid”

Today fast-rising Toronto-based indie soul / disco / funk / house duo Tush release their new single, the slow-burning, dancefloor-ready “Don’t Be Afraid”. Powered by esteemed vocalist Kamilah Apong and musician Jamie Kidd (DJ and co-founder of premiere Toronto club promoter Box of Kittens), Tush is a Toronto band that masterfully fuse their love of house, disco, funk and soul music, rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the city’s best live acts. Their new gospel-infused disco track is propelled by lead singer Kamilah Apong’s powerful vocals. “The lyrics and vocal arrangements were written in a parking lot of a casino in rural Alberta,” explains Kamilah. “Ultimately, the song is about having the courage to love defiantly, urgently, and with intention…I was exploring if loving someone else, could be the same as loving yourself.” Featuring backing vocals by Lydia Persaud, R-Flex, Shahi Teruko and Tafari Anthony, the track also features Tush’s touring bandmates – Miles Gibbons (drums), Alexa Belgrave (keys), alongside Tush’s Jamie Kidd (bass and fx) – who collectively turn “Don’t Be Afraid” into a surefire dance hit. This double A-side release also features the deep house song “Into You” co-produced by Kamilah and Jamie, flaunting their classic cosmic vibes and sensuous vocals.

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