Audio: Moka Blast ft. Casanova – “Ah Need Ah Brick (Remix)” (MP3)

Already making waves on the West Coast radio airwaves, Moka Blast goes for highlights with his remix to “Ah Need Ah Brick.” Bringing along Roc Nation artist Casanova from Brooklyn, the Las Vegas mainstay is proving his worth in this game with every radio spin this record acquires. Already doing outstanding on all D.S.P.’s, Moka Blast makes a record fit for the “brick” climate hitting his home base of the East Coast. With Moka Blast just coming off tour performing in front of thirty thousand adoring fans in São Paulo Brazil with Akon, “Ah Need Ah Brick” was his way of letting the streets know he didn’t forget about y’all! This really gives you an idea of how NYC rap scene can be if we actually would build together. But I guess in order to start building… first you need “Ah Brick”!

SOCIAL MEDIA: @MokaBlast / @Casanova_2x (Twitter/IG)

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