“following the stream-to-radio path of stars like Bryson Tiller and Khalid”Rollingstone 

A fast-rising, pop-friendly R&B singer whose falsetto is no joke.” – NPR

 “he writes and sings from and for the intricacies of in-betweenness.” – VIBE

Last Friday [9/6], R.LUM.R releases a catchy new song titled “Cold” from his much-anticipated forthcoming major label debut album due this fall via Island Records.  The passionate two-minute track which addresses a romance that went downhill highlights R.LUM.R’s honest and vulnerable lyricism. Watch the official music video for the cathartic tune “Cold” here.

With the release of new music, R.LUM.R builds on the momentum that he gained since he burst onto the music scene with his debut single “Show Me.”  “Frustrated” marked his major breakthrough in 2017 and endeared him to fans worldwide. The track reached Top 10 at Urban AC radio. He performed throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, blazed the stage at Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!  Additionally, he received critical acclaim from outlets including Rollingstone, Billboard, NPR, VIBE, Okayplayer, and more. 


Professor and philosopher Joseph Campbell presented the influential theory of “The Hero’s Journey” in 1949.  As part of his summation, narrative follows a hero through utter crisis, unbelievable victory, and undeniable transformation. Essentially, the protagonist emerges a new person.  For examples, see Star Wars and The Lion King, to name a few!  Reggie Williams undertook a similar trip on his path to becoming R.LUM.R. Armed with nothing more than a guitar and a whole lot of ambition, he went from a single-parent household in Bradenton, FL to touring the globe, gracing late-night television, amassing nearly 100 million streams independently, and inking a deal with Island Records by 2019. Reggie’s own creative wanderlust propels an inventive exploration of R&B underscored by hip-hop attitude, pop dalliances, and progressive rock vision on his forthcoming full-length debut for the label.

Music immediately spoke to him as a kid. Growing up with his mother and older sisters, he recalls, “When I smelled wood incense and heard Erykah Badu’s ‘On & On’, I knew it was time to put on my shorts and clean the house!” Beyond mom’s penchant for “exclusively playing R&B, soul, and gospel,he personally discovered Linkin Park, Bright Eyes, M Ward, Fall Of Troy, and Coheed and Cambria. The latter inspired him “to write nothing under six minutes” even though he “could only afford an acoustic guitar. Lonely, yet encouraged by a guitar teacher, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the instrument.  Attending Florida State University for classical guitar, he split his time between woodshedding and throwing down onstage at local scene haunts. Dropping out and moving to Orlando, he supported himself through a tireless string of bar gigs before linking up with producer J. Cruz [Ethnikids]. Following a fateful writing session, R.LUM.R came to life.

With the album on the horizon and more touring, R.LUM.R’s most heroic contribution might be this level of honesty… “I want listeners to take away an idea they can be better versions of themselves in their own lives,” he leaves off. “I really believed in what Erykah Badu used to say about music, ‘Once I release it into the world, it’s no longer my story’. Once the audience listens to it, it’s their story. I can’t wait to see how people interpret it. There’s growth to be done, and you don’t have to be afraid of it.”


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