Sit Back As Fat Pimp Takes You To The Car Wash In “Wax On, Wax Off”

Dallas rapper, Fat Pimp, back with another club hit “Wax On Wax Off.” The fun, charismatic bass bumping record exhibits Fat’s musical talent. The rapper gives us a catchy, upbeat tune with a heavy bass line, giving us no choice but to bob our heads the whole way through.  Fat Pimp has been previously recognized and celebrated for his hit “Rack Daddy,” which created a massive buzz in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

The rapper has been praised by some of the most reputable names in hip-hop such as Yella Breezy, C- Struggs, and Smurf Franklin to name a few. In fact, Fat Pimp was featured on Yella Breezy’s latest song – “That’s On Me”  released at the end of 2018 – alongside rap veterans Uno Loso, Smurf Franklin, and Lil Ronny MothaF just to name a few. Fat Pimp gets us hooked on his verses with his comical lyrics: “Wax On Wax Off, Wax On Wax Off , Ain’t afraid of no booty”. 

Fat Pimp has been featured by some of the leading musical outlets, marking his name on the rap-map. Kazi Magazine describes his latest single as a “certified hit,” while DJ Iceberg has declared “Wax On Wax Off” as a “club anthem,” assuring us that the single will become a “world-wide hit.” Fat Pimp makes music for people who are having issues in life and use music to escape and enjoy every moment they can. His inspiration comes from none other than God himself, as Fat Pimp was heavily influenced by music at an early age while growing up in the church choir. While perfecting his skills as a producer, he conceived his first hit “Rack Daddy”. Upon release, the breakout single spread like a virus on the internet and throughout the southern regions.

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