Juwan Rohan Creates A Blockbuster With New Single “Movies”

California based hip-hop artist, Juwan Rohan, tells a modern day Truman Show tale in his new single, “Movies”. The single was written by Juwan himself and produced by The Legion with help from Kiyoshi Beats. Surrounded by a feeling of being lost in the cyclical nature of life to find happiness, Juwan found himself wondering how he separates himself from others, what makes him special. Facing his reflection and visualizing his place in the world, he began to conceptualize his story. In an entertainment obsessed generation overflowing with new films, how was Juwan going to get his movie nominated for an Oscar?

Mimicking the cyclical, robotic life Juwan is trying to avoid, the track features an old-style hip-hop back beat with efficient snares and consistent hard hitting snaps. Lyrics of “I came from close to nothing, I promise to be something, I love who I’m becoming” conceptualize Juwan’s acceptance of facing himself in the mirror of his movie, knowing that anyone can view his movie just like he can view others. However, nobody truly knows the whole story except themselves.

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