Audio: Rising Artist YFA King Delivers His New Smash Single “Balance”

I make music based on how I feel. “Richard Mille” just came to me when I was thinking about the items I want to obtain in the future and “Balance” was just a vibe I was in the studio just creating and that’s one of the songs of many that I made that night.

My sound varies to be honest I don’t have a particular sound because I’m trying to show my versatility early on in the start of my career but I guess that’s my sound because every song I make or even feature on I bring “YFA King” to it.

His ultimate goal in the industry is to be able to start his own label and give other talented artists that don’t have the resources a chance because I know how it feels to feel like it’s not going to work out.

My next professional move is going to be interviews with radio stations and local podcasts so I can grow my fan base also do more performances so I can let people get a feel for my music and stage presence.

I want everyone to know that I’m real. If I don’t do it or have it or can’t get it then I won’t say it in a song. It’s a lot of people in this industry that are story tellers and just saying things cause it sounds good. I want to be taken serious, I want people to know how humble I am.

I want people to know they can make whatever they want . The only limit is your imagination. In the studio you can really be anybody you want to be and that’s what I want people to take from hearing me. Just have fun

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