Jackson, MS Artist 2Verse Drops His New Single “Spend it All”

2Verse is originally from Jackson, MS. He started rapping in 2012. In 2014 he and his homies would sit around freestyling, he would only spit one line so everyone began calling him “One Line Shawty.” He continued to perfect his craft and develop his skills until “One Line Shawty” eventually became who he’s known as today “2Verse.” Not only was he a rapper but 2Verse was also a part of “Savage Life Ent” from 2015-2018 where he became Webbie’s official photographer.

In mid 2018 2Verse left MS and moved to Seattle, WA to pursue his music career. While in Seattle he began working with music producer John Silva, who’s worked with greats like: Macklemore, Too $hort, and Nipsey Hussle. Since then 2Verse has created 2 hit singles “Spend it All” and “No Love in my City.”

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