Stream The Lead Single From @BobbieBeenLive’s New Album “Rich Righteous Teacher” Out 4/4

bobbie cd print
Houston/Jersey artist Bobbie. make his grand return with the first official single from his new project Rich Righteous Teacher due out 4/4.

Last we heard from Bobbie he had teamed up with Big Ooh for the boom-bap laced video “Nosebone,” receiving love from Hip Hop DX and many more. With a new 10-track project on deck featuring blockbuster appearances from YZ and Wise Intelligent, Bobbie. pays tribute to one of his biggest influences in music, Poor Right Teachers. No rookie to the game, Bobbie. has been signed to Rick Rubin’s American Recordings, worked closely with the legendary Ruffhouse Records, and licensed music to multiple major television networks. The title track “Rich Righteous Teacher” jumps through the speakers with knocking drums and an eerie melody leading the way for Bobbie. to murder the track lyrically. Truly of a breath of fresh air, Bobbie. is an MC who still cares about lyrics while still being able to master any flow to date.

“Rich Righteous Teacher” is a strong first offering that should leave fans curious to hear more from this veteran MC. Tap in with Bobbie. as he prepares what some have already referred to as an instant classic. Watch his official music videos for Nosebone and Been Live and after that hit play on the blazing lead single “Rich Righteous Teacher” from Houston’s own Bobbie.

Bobbie. – Rich Righteous Teacher



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