14 yr old Phenom, Mighty IV Returns With His First Project – ‘Recluse’ (Mixtape Stream)

The 14 year old Phenom is back with the Recluse Mixtape!  This time, Mighty IV is here to hit us with a full project packed with diversified sounds, rhymes, and hooks.  What ya’ll thought, lil homie was stuck in the 90’s?  That is definitely not his M-O.  Mighty remains full of ambition and drive, and his mission is to survive in this culture by keeping the art and integrity alive. Without a doubt, the kid categorically has a knack for rap, and he isn’t afraid of stepping outside of any box.
Overall, this is definitely a project to listen to, just imagine, If he sounds this seasoned and ill at the age of 14, imagine how crazy his development and advancement will be in a few years, as he continues to grow and release music.
Give the project a full spin and feel free to share on your platforms.  All support is greatly appreciated.

Mighty IV Online

Instagram… @mighty_iv


Soundcloud @mightyiv

RESPECT. Magazine Premiere: 


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