Video: J. Rabon Drops Visual for “I Like It”

Rapper and performer J. Rabon just dropped the visual for his single, “I Like It” off his debut project, Paradise Heartbreak, which was also just released. The visual showcases Rabon’s talents as a dancer and performer while combining them with his lyrical prowess. 

He says, “This project is showing all the layers I have as an artist. I wanted to get personal and be vulnerable with my fans. Life is all about the experience, one moment we’re happy and turnt up and the next we’re sad and at rock bottom. That’s what Paradise Heartbreak is, a place where highs and lows meet.

Paradise Heartbreak came to be after Rabon got into the studio after a breakup. He says, “Working on this project was really though because my ex and I had split up a weeks before I went into the studio to start brainstorming concepts. As the months went by though it became very therapeutic.”

Now that the project and visual are out, Rabon hopes listeners can see all that he can bring as an artist. “What I want listeners to take away from this project is the versatility. From the storytelling to the high energy, and to the melodic flows.. I wanted to showcase all that I can do as an artist.”

Paradise Heartbreak is available on all streaming platforms and the music video for “I Like It” is available on YouTube.

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