Video: Tourette’s Syndrome Won’t Slow MAXGOD Down As He Readies Release of – “Family Feud” (HHS1987 Premiere)

Many people associate “power” with wealth or status. But constantly overcoming life’s obstacles while in persistent pursuit of one’s dreams is just as powerful. And that’s what makes Max Cole Glaser, of Rochester NY, a force to be reckoned with. Max, better known by his rap alias, MAXGOD, is a young entrepreneur and artist who is living proof that nothing can get in the way of success. Not even Tourette’s.

Diagnosed at an early age, MAX hasn’t let his condition hinder him from living his life. Excelling at poetry from an early age, Max turned to Hip Hop after getting a taste of Rochester’s underground scene, and after discovering his innate ability to craft songs in his head.

To close out the year, MAX looks to unveil his latest video for his single, “Family Feud.” Shot and edited by JAP, the “Family Feud” visuals emphasize the production’s hard-hitting production, and Max’s unique delivery. While he’s steadily built up a loyal fan base, MAX continues to keep the momentum going heading into the new year.

Additionally, Max is set to perform in his hometown of Rochester NY on Thursday, 12/20 at the Bug Jar.



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