Audio: Malik Yusef Collaborates With Rapper BLI on His New EP – “It’s a Beautiful Thing”

G.O.O.D. Music artist, multi-Grammy winner and trusted Kanye West collaborator Malik Yusef aka DJ GOOD Music the Angel, continues to showcase his talents on BLI’s Freshman EP, It’s A Beautiful Thing (I.A.B.T.). Malik wrote and co-produced the song Lit Up, and co-produced, wrote and is featured on the single Lost Star.

“It was a pleasure working with BLI on his Freshman EP,” said Malik Yusef. “This EP exemplifies who he is as an artist while also articulating his love for music.”


At a very young age, BLI grew up surrounded by music and musical influences; making easy for him to fall into music and work to make a sound of his own. I.A.B.T. embodies this love for music, his love for life in general, and does a miraculous job of painting a vivid journey for its listeners into who he is as an artist. BLI pushed himself to find joy in life which has molded his music to date. He appears to be someone who arguably can take something broken and still find a number of picturesque details that others may not see. The It’s A Beautiful Thing album allows BLI to put life in a lens seeing that although people may find hardship, steady motivation makes all the difference.

Malik Yusef’s production partner, The Legendary Fya Man, also contributes to this album adding his vastly different writing style to the songs Lit Up and Lost Star.

Check out the EP Here


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