Album: The Narcotechs – Tres

unnamed (83)

The NARCOTECHS are back with the release of their third, and latest, LP, Tres, and once again, serve up another banger.  Without a doubt, the crew has been making their waves in New York’s underground scene for some time, and they’ve been faithfully delivering the sound their fans love.  Coming from the gritty city of NY has kept the crew true to the game with respect to the hip-hop culture, and they always pay homage.
Tres is packed with production from Doza da Drum Dealer, Ace Sinclair, Jay Pluto, Luminary & Just, and was engineered by Buck 3000.  Following a hilarious intro track, The NARCOTECHS deliver buzz-worthy records like “IDK” and “HANDS UP”, as well as the standout track “Side Chick Commandments” which exhibits an ill take on Biggie’s classic “Ten Crack Commandments”. “U Dont Run It” is also another track that feels like a tribute to the 90’s, displaying their respect to Three 6 Mafia.
Listen to the project on your favorite streaming services now!
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