Video: Jxck Kxlly – “Go Together”

This is not a drill, fasten your seat belts for Canadian singer-
songwriter, Jxck Kxlly. Toronto-based singer-songwriter is hot on the scene serving up
unwavering, provocative lyrics and can’t help but be heard. With a taste for
transparency and a voice to be reckoned with, her work delivers a cinematic 70’s flavor
that can’t be ignored.

Having released her EP, Revolution, Jxck Kxlly is now bringing her music to the small
screen with a hot, Pulp Fiction-esque style in her newest music video for “GO
TOGETHER.” Complete with a 1970’s fringe jacket and a motorcycle, the fun music
video is the cherry on top of an enticing, smooth single.

Drawing from diverse musical influences like Prince, Sorgente, Daft Punk, Blondie, Bee
Gees, Dolly Parton, and many other mid-century icons, Jxck Kxlly offers a rogue
approach to older sounds. She takes on today’s social climate through mixing political
statements with ‘no-holds-barred’ love songs.

Revolution confidently speaks to the zeitgeist of today in an unheard way. Listen loud, and find your voice in her work. Enjoy the ride.






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