Audio: Delia Dane – “Kinda Nice”

In an age of artificiality and image, it’s rare that an emerging artist can cut through the noise with a fully-formed sound. But in her time recording and touring, singer-songwriter Delia Dane has managed to do just that. Whether it’s neo-soul, downtempo R&B or synth-pop, the Florida-born and raised artist formerly known as DVWEZ leaves her mark on just about every genre she operates within. Alternating between heartrending confessionals and uplifting paeans to love and life, Dane’s vulnerable vocals never present anything less than her own fundamental truth.

Dane’s artistic journey began early, harmonizing right alongside the likes of Aaliyah and Michael Jackson in car rides to and from school growing up. After learning piano, she found herself in a proper band by the age of 11. Having picked up the guitar around the same time, Dane later expanded her musical range to include songwriting right alongside instrumental aptitude.

Like all great artists, Dane is unafraid of experimentation or confronting her own limitations. As one-half of Gainesville, FL-based band PALMEDO, she immersed herself in music production,learning how to mix and master songs to best present her vision without compromise.

Since her time in PALMEDO, Dane has continually refined her sound to reflect her experience. Her debut release, 2016’s Pastels EP, is the sound of an artist relishing in the act of creation, with lush soundscapes comfortably resting alongside her confident-but-soothing vocals.

After self-producing Pastels, Dane followed up with 2017’s Paradise EP. Combining her songwriting with the sounds of Miami-based R&B producer KAIXEN, Paradise is an altogether darker experience, reflecting the trials and tribulations of navigating modern love. In contrast to Pastels’ love and lightness, Paradise is rife with conflict and uncertainty, presenting Dane at her most transparent and honest.

In addition to her own releases – which have netted attention from the likes of presenter Phil Taggart on BBC Radio 1 along with publications such as Noisey, Stereogum and Fader – Dane has lent her talents to a number of collaborators, including Jome and Valleyz. 2018 has already seen Dane spotlighted at Austin’s SXSW, perform as a headliner at Harvey Milk Fest in Sarasota, FL and participate in the campaign tour for the launch of Volkswagen’s 2019 Jetta. Currently residing in New York City, Dane is recording her follow-up to Paradise. Now she is back with the Kaixen-produced single “Kinda Nice” off her forthcoming project.

“Kinda Nice” is a fun departure from my previous catalog. Wanted to do something more carefree and casual, both lyrically and musically. Lyrically the song is about exploring a new, casual connection with someone. The track is teetering on hip hop with some post-vocal rap influences, but still breathy, R&B vibes.” – Delia Dane






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