Video: Chello – “F**k I Look Like”

Chello, a New York native rapper who recently started releasing music as a solo artist, has dropped the official video for “F*ck I Look Like.” The remake of the Spotify Thievz track keeps the gritty, authentic East Coast sound that millions of hardcore rap fans adore. Ushering a renewal of a time we (Gen X and Millennial music listeners) hold so close to our hearts, Chello is one of the new school artists, from the Big Apple to drift from his musical and cultural roots.

Heavy into bike culture, and credited as one of the few young people to popularize the culture in the neighborhood, he’s seen riding around with his friends in his hometown of Jamaica, Queens.

As the recording artist readies for the release of his solo label debut, ‘#BigQueens EP’, he has been recording one-offs to hold fans over.

Check out the new video for “F*** I Look Like” below.

Twitter: @chello_mt

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