Macntaj Releases New Single “Live Enough” After International Tour | @itsMacntaj

West Coast rapper Macntaj has been putting in work nonstop since breaking onto the scene with his work on Bassnectar’s 2017 album Reflective. Since then Macntaj has connected with Raz Simone and Gunplaybeen featured on XXL, released his own solo projects, and also had multiple successful tour runs. Returning from an Internation Tour in India, Macntaj is back and more focused than ever. Connecting with up and coming Producer Michelangelo for “Live Enough,” Macntaj wastes no time getting to business on this high energy track. Aggressively on point, ‘Taj stays in the pocket with his verses and lets his adlibs take over like a devil on his right shoulder telling him what to do with every lyric. With hypnotically addicting production, Macntaj shows his versatility on “Live Enough” slowing things down and talking to his audience calmly before erupting on the track all over again for the second verse.
Stream the new single “Live Enough” from one of the most exciting up and coming artists on the West Coast, Macntaj! Also, be on the lookout for a very special music video for “Live Enough” filmed on Macntaj’s recent trip to India


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