Video: POUNDS & CRIMEAPPLE – Connect On “Choices” Visual (Dir. by A1Vision)

CHoices 2.jpg

Frequent collaborators POUNDS and CRIMEAPPLE link up again in the stylish and cinematic new video for “Choices,” the Fith – produced burner off the Rochester, N.Y. native’s latest project, Pee Wee Kirkland.

Boasting direction from A1Vision, the visuals are crisp and fresh as they portray the late-night activities of the “Choices” emcees. The two post up at their usual haunts around the neighborhood and deliver their stellar verses while A1Vision captures the footage with different techniques.

For some shots, we see the two through the lens of an old-school, handheld Hi8 camera, which blends perfectly with the fact that POUNDS and CRIMEAPPLE are definitely making their mafioso-rap godfathers proud here. But we also get some fresh HD footage that modernizes the clip, which is a subtle nod to the overall sound presented here: current, but steeped in classic hip-hop.

It’s those little touches that make the “Choices” video—and POUNDS’ entire body of work for that matter—so damn enjoyable. Head over to Bandcamp to support Pee Wee Kirkland, which is produced entirely by Fith, and also features Dwayne Collins and Meyhem Lauren.

Twitter: @Pounds448

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