Audio: Durt – “All Action”

Durt is an American rapper and entrepreneur hailing from the streets of Columbia, SC. Durt began creating art at the age of 10 in the form of poetry, creating a plethora of material naturally transitioning to hip hop at the age of 18. Durt brings some of the most honest, and raw lyrics to the genre of hip hop/rap since DMX. “I create what’s needed, not what I choose, I give a non judgmental, 360 view when I create.”

In 2009, Durt released his debut single “Nothing” off his mixtape “Presidential Records Presents: Durt.” After release, Durt performed several shows crafting his stage presence, learning how to give the audience a performance worth telling a friend about. After several other single releases, Durt decided to learn all aspects of the music industry, along with obtaining degrees in business, entrepreneurship, and marketing to maximize his art delivery to the masses.

Though Durt diverted his creating time to the business aspect of artistry, he continued to hone his craft by releasing an E.P and several singles. Durt’s last single “Flaws” was produced by Go Grizzly, released in 2017. Durt’s sound is heavily rooted in the soul of the south, with a story telling mass appeal, drenched in soul, through instrumentals that command attention of his listeners. Durt’s influences derive from poetry, music, and sound as a whole.

Durt’s currently preparing his debut studio recorded album “Hidden In Books,” along with tour, to give listeners the live experience of his soulful tales. Today, he delivers his lead single from the project “All Action.”

Listen to it below.

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