Atlanta’s Rock/Alternative Artist DruggOfChoice Delivers New Lifestyle Visual “No Sleep” and EP “ILYIHY”

Drugs can’t sleep but he’s got everything he wants. Money, girls, drugs. No Sleep is a glimpse of the life of the Atlanta adopted rockstar. Or as Drugs refers himself, Deadstar. The life he lives comes with a sacrifice and he’s dressed it up nice and pretty for us. Via Lunar Thought, a videographer from Cincinnati, we experience just another 7 am night with Druggofchoice. Grab some popcorn!

DruggOfChoice : ILYIHY (EP)

“I’ve written this letter to myself in hopes of gaining closure with my mind. Close your eyes. Each song represents a separate and individual time I was desperate to feel…anything. Manic depression is a hard pill to swallow. What they prescribe me goes down much more smoothly. I love you, I hate you. A brief description of swinging moods, life and death. Always changing. Always coping. There’s got to be an exit to this life. My exit is what you are about to hear. My druggofchoice is music. I died for this. Thank you for taking your time to experience this with me. Enjoy.”






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