Audio: Astral OG Ft. Nessly- “Birds”


Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 8.35.38 AM

Branching out from his reggae roots, Astral is a 24-year-old rapper based in Portland who is creating a wave in the Pacific North West with his brand of psychedelic rap. As the guitar player and singer of a popular indie Vancouver, WA based band (Foreign Talks) Astral OG is no stranger to building a following from the ground up and that is what is happening. His first release of 2018, Sink or Swim (50k YouTube via Elevator), came along with an absolutely stunning visual that has been opening the eyes of the world to the multi talented artist. 

Astral OG’s latest release comes as a collaboration with Atlanta’s underground king Nessly (Republic Records) who’s 2018 project “Wildflower” has found him in the headlines of Pigeons and Plans and in Spotify’s coveted ‘Most Necessary’ playlist as well. 


Astral OG’s latest single is an uptempo Kevin Downes & Reckless produced banger that is guaranteed to align your chakras. Astral’s artistic abilities previously showcased in his first release of the year are not only continued, but expanded upon as his voice melodically graces the 808 heavy beat that will move listeners from clubs to festivals along with his catchy hook. With a universe full of potential and a passionate DIY work ethic, Astral OG is undoubtably an artist whose name will be hitting the charts by the end of this year.


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