Video: Murph – Home Coming



“Back in 2017, Broward county rapper Murph dropped off his Position of Power EP and has been bringing it to life ever since. After its release, Murph and his go-to videographer DRE Films headed to Colombia’s Caribbean coast with a mission to create a three-part film inspired by a trio of records off the EP.

“Once I gave the project to DRE Films for him to check it out, he told me he was f*ckin’ with the record,” Murph told VIBE. “So when we touched down in Cartagena, we knocked it out and it came out dope.”

Last month, they released the first video for “Puttin’ On,” which was produced by Rich Eye AM. Today, Murph and Dre Films brings us part two, “Homecoming.” In the video, Murph rides around the streets of Cartagena while puffing on a cigar like a true Don. He also travels to the outskirts to soak in the scenic views of the revered city.

“I’ve been collaborating with Murph since 2009,” DRE Films said. “This time around I wanted to give him something different. When I mentioned the idea of shooting in Cartagena, Colombia he was with it 100%. We touched the whole city. Murph was embraced immediately. Dope vibes!”

— via Vibe Magazine,




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