G-Scott Races Against “Time” In New Video



Let’s face it, no matter what you’re doing, you’re running out of time. The song itself is about feeling like I don’t have time to play games with my dream now. The visual set the perfect stage for us to play with the idea of rebirth and basically saying it’s never too late to comeback. It plays of the death of ego and trying to “level up” into your best self.” says G-Scott. The video, directed by Miguel Cisneros for Unsung Media, takes place in what seems to be a parallel universe, where G-Scott’s life intertwines with a video game. In the opening scene you see G-Scott surrounded by video games in an arcade (which was actually Mudwing studio in Chicago, IL). From there G-Scott plays a character in the video game. The video actually picks up where his last project Another Weekend In Los Vegas leaves off and serves as the 1st in a series of visuals that all make up a short film based around his forthcoming “G-Scott Vs. the Universe” project.

Socials: @GScottKing on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Website: www.GScottMusic.com


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