Billy B is “Set Trippin” in Her First Visual Release of 2018



Taking on Casanova’s latest banger, Billy proves she can keep up with the big boys. 

Brooklyn’s own, Jahdira Atkin – also known by her rap alias, Billy B – is “Set Trippin” in her latest video where she takes on Casanova’s new banger. As if the original wasn’t explosive enough as is, Billy B adds even more fuel to the fire with guest verses from OGMARLYNMONROLLUP, Banga Loc, and Gino Mondana, Repping their set, Billy’s “C Mix” further proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with – on and off the mic. For those in the underground Brooklyn rap scene, gang culture is not uncommon. While many don’t understand it, Billy stays true to who she is. 

In 2017, the East New York (Brooklyn) native focused on consistency; releasing quality content and amassing plays/views as her fan base grew. This year, the only way to go is UP.



Twitter: @BillyBTHC

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