Audio: Reuben Cannon – Play My Shit



“Play my Shit” is 15 years of pain, passion and persevering crammed into a 4-minute song. After turning down a 30 million dollar baseball contract, Reuben Cannon spent many years trying to beat down the doors of the entertainment industry.  He always found himself on the losing end not understanding how much politics played a major role, and how they were unknowingly working against him with his affiliation.
Finally he just said “F**k it!” ill stand up for myself and say the sh%# everyone wants to say but afraid to say”. This song is for everyone that gets played and over looked. “I’m over that it, Play my shit!” Influenced by many of music’s legendary performers, multi-talented singer, songwriter and actor Reuben Cannon is a star on the rise. Immersed in the entertainment industry, Reuben has embraced and grown musically at an alarming pace.
His commanding stage presence and vocal ability set him apart from many of today’s young artists. Whether performing a laid-back track, or an up-tempo anthem Reuben leaves the audience wanting more. His career began to take off performing alongside Trey Songz, Mario and Day 26 with his group Rydaznartist on the 106 & Park tour. It wasn’t long before they were signed to Nick Cannons Ncredible Entertainment label and then Def Jam in 2010 opening for Mariah Carey in her 2010 World Tour!
Instagram: @ReubenCannon1

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