Audio: Bobbi Lewis – Beautiful

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We all have our insecurities but the truth is everyone is beautiful in their own way. Dotty was recently having an honest conversation with a female friend who was confiding in him about her lack of confidence and insecurities in her physical appearance yet to him she was beautiful and it was this conversation that sparked his inspiration to write his highly anticipated new single ‘Beautiful’ featuring the amazing vocals of Bobii Lewis.

Dotty knew Bobii was perfect for this song and when he called upon him for the collaboration he naturally provided the finishing touch to this inspirational track. The structure of the song is slightly different with Dotty going first and Bobii second. The aim Dotty states was for the track to sound like two different songs, having Bobii’s voice come in after the interlude makes for a nice surprise when listening.

‘Beautiful’ is different in sound to Dotty’s debut single ‘Gone With The Wind’ as he was keen to show his diversity as an artist. Dotty creates his music off of real-life experiences and moments and that’s where he looks for his inspiration. Dotty wants his fans to know that “everyone needs to be comfortable in their own beauty and live their best life”.


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