​Mixtape: Pounds – ​​Rules and Parameters (EP)


Since Kool G. Rap introduced the subgenre in the mid ‘80s, the most compelling mafioso rap has offered grim street tales through the lens of paranoia and reality. And to say that Pounds understands those tenets would be a massive understatement. On his latest effort, the


 Rules and Parameters EP, the Rochester-based rapper embraces the harsh truths of the kingpin life through some of his best music yet.

The six-track project represents the latest drop from the larger-than-life emcee, who has been super-busy this year. Just this past summer, he made a major splash with his nine track TUNA EP, and he’s clearly not looking to take any days off. Rules and Parameters takes the self-aware pain and braggadocio of TUNA and pushes it even further with standouts like “Rules” and “Francis Ford.”

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