Video: Daz Rinko Premieres “Black Boy Joy” Visual

_MG_6193-2.jpg by Sam Chapman_preview


Daz Rinko returns just a couple of months after the release of his EP Black Boy Joy with the 35Miles directed video for the SPRILL.-produced title track. During the first part of the video, we see Daz traipsing around a botanical garden letting his Black Boy Joy radiate off him depicted by the animation. “Black Boy Joy” is cut short, and we see Daz sitting on a bench with a Black Boy Joy shirt. We then hear another track from his EP – “Liam Gallagher”. Should we expect a part two to this video? Let’s wait and see.

Daz Rinko is a breath of fresh air. The Hip-Hop artist from Memphis, TN, is known for his upbeat and positive jams, as well as his genre blending style. With the release of his July 2016 mixtape LIFTED, Daz made nothing short of a memorable first impression. LIFTED showcased Daz’s southern twist on the future bounce movement. In August of 2017, Daz followed up his debut mixtape with the 6-track EP Black Boy Joy. With this EP, Daz showcased a more honed sound, as well as addressed a number of issues that he and many Black men may face.


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